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Fun With Signs on Cape Cod

August 15, 2010


July 7, 2010

Thanks to Adland.TV and my favorite Swedish Lass I just have to share this AWESOME spot from Atari. It makes one in awe of just how far we have come with video games and electronics.

Atari 2600 Commercial

And Free the Cows sincerely recommends Adland.TV as a source of great advertising commentary around the world.

Its about Equality as much as Humanity

July 6, 2010

Woman to be stoned in Iran for Adultery

It makes it very hard to embrace a religion that stones anyone to death. But to stone a woman to death for adultery and to not do the same to the male is sick. It’s beyond sick. The Government that allows this should be castrated. Every single male because they should not be allowed to reproduce ever!

The same with honor rapes. How could a family rape someone else’s daughter after her and another man had consensual sex. And the men have to be aroused to be able to rape. Doesn’t this mean a culture of sick disgusting dangerous men who get aroused from a gang rape. The men who do this should be shot in the head. Sorry to be so blunt. But it’s true.

The era of oppressing women has to come to an end. And the male pigs who oppress really need to be culled from this earth. The sooner the better.

Welcome to Free the Cows

July 1, 2010

Free the Cows is about Freedom. Its about not just thinking outside the box, we want to smash the box so that it will never ever contain us again. This blog will cover everything and anything I please because that how I roll. And I bet if we freed the cows and saw just how they rolled they just might surprise us!